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    Fan Fiction of the poem ‘A Poem For A Lady Whose Voice I Like’.

    There lived a guy in the city of New York. He was white and very rich. He owned a big company. The guy was very famous in the city as a businessman. But his problem was that he was very rude specially with his employees. He treated his employees as slaves. All his employees were scared of him. He used to give them hard time all the time. He had also a racism mind. He had some black employees in his office. He treated them the worst. He made them doing the most heaviest works. All the employees became tired of his behavior but they couldn’t do nothing because everybody needed the job for survival. All of them had families and they had to support them. This had been happening for so many years. The guy was getting more and more rude every day.

    One day a new girl employee joined the company. She came from a middle class black family. Her father was not financially strong but he worked hard to give the proper education to her daughter. The girl was an intelligent and wise. She came to the office and noticed that what was going on with the employees. The employees were really good but they were not getting proper respect. The working environment was not safe. When she saw the black employees were treated like slaves she got really shocked. But she wasn’t scared. She thought that she had to do something to change the situation forever. As a human being its her responsibility. She talked to all the employees. They were kind of afraid at the beginning. But she made them understand that everything will be fine if we stand together.

    When the guy came and talk to the lady for the first time she was very straight forward with him. Personally, the gut never liked a black person. But for the first time, he was impressed with the girl but he didn’t show that in front of her. The girl was really smart in her work. She used to do her job perfectly. She never gave a chance to the boss to create a complain against her. Whenever the boss wanted to give hard time to the girl, she took the challenge very easily. The guy was at her every time. One day, a big delivery came to the office. The guy only called the black employees to carry the delivery boxes all the way to the basement. The girl saw it and told him “Why don’t you tell the other employees to help them? Its not only their job”. The guy was mad at her but she never stopped. She again told him to put more people because they are not enough to do this. The guy finally realized and put some more white employees to help them. All the employees were astonished. They thanked her for doing this. Day by day, the situation was changing. She protested against everything that seemed wrong to her.

    The guy was also changing. He started to like the girl although she was black. One day, in a office party all the employees joined there. The girl also attended the party. She was looking so pretty. The gut saw her and came to talk to her. They talked about lot of things of their lives. His perception about the black people was changed. He realized that the black people are the same human being as the white people so they have the same right. The girl was also talking about woman power at the party and gave some examples from the Bible. The guy was totally amazed when she talked. He was falling in love with her deeply. He was also changing in his office. He treated the employees with respect. The workers were highly satisfied with him. They realized everything that changed was because of the girl. The girl was also happy ti make it possible. Now, she also liked her boss.

    One day, the boss came to her and told her, “You are the perfect woman in my life. You changed my mentality and bring me to the life. You gave me a new meaning of life. Now I realize why people say behind every success of a man’s life there is always a woman. You are that woman. You made me a perfect human being. Thank you so much for doing this although its not enough. Will you be with me for the rest of my life? I need you for survival. I want to live my life with you.” The girl was blushing hearing these words from the guy. She agreed to his proposal right away. They lived happily ever after.


    1.What three things do you want to ask your peers about your work?

    How do you like my story?

    Does it go with the story of the poem?

    Do you like the ending of my story?

    2.What three things are your favorite about your fan fic?

    The girl’s smartness.

    The girl’s way of changing the situation in the office.

    The guy’s way of proposing to her.

    3.What three things are you unsure of?

    The guy’s character goes to the ‘He’ character of the poem or not

    The girl has as strong personality as the poem or not

    The ending of the story is fair enough or no.