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    Sadia Firoz
    ENG 102
    Professor Jay Polish
    Assignment: Narrative Essay on Ms. Marvel.
    Ms. Marvel is a story of a teenaged Muslim Pakistani Girl named Kamala. She was born in Jersey City and raised and grew up there. Her family was very typical and conservative. On the contrary she was an independent and different mentality typed girl. She always wanted to do something different and make herself and the family proud of her. But due to the family restriction she had troubles of going through the segments that happened to her throughout the story. For me, Kamala did a challenging work in her life at a very young age. Although it was not easy for her, she did everything what she had to do as a superwoman. The courage of her encourages me and I am sure it encourages every young girls as well. This story is very close to my life and she can be a role model for many young girls in their real life.
    When I read the story, somehow, I felt that this story relates to me quite much. Born in a typical Muslim middle class conservative family and raised and studying in a different culture and society I feel very awkward at some points. Sometimes I feel like I have to act in two different way- one when I am at my home and another when I am outside. My family is exactly like Kamala’s family. My parents are very possessive about the children. We are not allowed to go out at night in a party or with a group of boys. Even if I go, I have to come back before too late. Even if now I am in New York, I have to follow the same rules that I followed when I was in my country. It becomes very difficult sometimes to follow this culture when I am in a different culture. I try to follow it but I am scared to break it thinking something wrong will happen to me if I break my religious or cultural rules and regulation. Kamala got a big responsibility at her young age. She wanted to do something different in life but when she got it, she wasn’t prepared for it all on a sudden. But somehow she managed to do everything. When I came to this country, I was 19 years old. I started to work at an early age which I never did when I was in my country. I was kind of scared at the beginning. Everything seemed new to me. But day by day, I start liking to work and live my life with my own livelihood. Now, I am a self-reliant person. I am not dependent on anybody. I am also studying with my own expenses. But for my family, I am still a baby. That’s why they are very possessive about me. But it’s hard for me sometimes to listen to them or give time to them as I have to work and study so that most of the time I have to stay outside the home. I always try to maintain my family life since I love them a lot. I always want to do something in life which can make my parents proud of me. I love my parents like Kamala did.
    Reading the story I felt like she was having the same problem as me. She wanted to be an independent girl unlike the other teenaged girls. But somehow, she was bound by the restrictions of the family. Her parents were very religious as well as her brother. She had to go out in the family occasions even if she didn’t want to. When she reached late to the function she got a shower from the mother saying “that’s no excuse to neglect her duties to her family”. Her father protected her. She was closer to the father more than the mother. Whatever she did, she remembered what her father taught her as she loved her family. When she got the superhero power, she was scared how her family would react when they know about it. But she remembered that her father told her help people even if you take a risk of your life. She wanted to wear western cloths in her school like her friend Zoe. She thought that Zoe looks happy and adorable with the outfit but she couldn’t because she was not allowed to wear these dresses. Also she had to take permission from her parents to go to the night party with some boys but her father refused her to go. She requested her father in a nice way. She was hoping that her father might agree and let her go but he didn’t. There is a scene where she thought to herself “I’ve always done what they asked me to do…Aren’t I allowed to do anything my way? Just once? As a teenager she always wanted to enjoy her life. She wanted to something extra-ordinary. But the family and the religious fear always gave her trouble in each step. However, she got her superhero power finally and did all the activities and took the risks of helping people with the help of her friend Bruno. Bruno had a great role in the story. He really liked Kamala. But he was very worried about her and tried to help her as much as he could. When her family saw her in a weird outfit, he father refused her not to go to any mall, movies or parties until she could prove herself so that they could trust on her. Her mother was also angry the sarcastic language she was using. When Kamala understood that she was meant to do everything for which she got the superwoman power, she was able to accept herself as the Ms. Marvel. She did everything regardless of her family restrictions. Until the end of the story she did all her activities with having some family complains.
    In my case, somehow I face the same problem as Kamala. I always want to be an independent girl since childhood. I want to live my life with my own livelihood and don’t want to be a dependent on somebody. I don’t like people interfere or dominate my life. Sometimes, when I go out with my friends, I have the fear of getting home late. I am also scared about what will happen if I find a foreign non-Muslim boyfriend, how they will react. They might never accept that. I want to wear beautiful American outfits sometimes when I see my classmates or coworkers wearing. But I can’t wear this because of my cultural restriction. If they see me in this outfit or if they see me with a foreign gut, they won’t accept me in the family or in the society. I love my family but somehow I feel like I am different from them like Ms. Marvel (Kamala). That’s the reason I have troubles living in my culture. I try to follow my religion and I never disrespect it but sometimes I cannot maintain everything.
    I think most of the teenagers and young adults like me face the same problems like I do. Sometimes, it’s difficult for them to take a decision by themselves. They feel scared of the culture, of the society. But when I read the story of Kamala it makes me inspired. The point of view towards the woman in the typical Muslim religion might be changed. Women shouldn’t be kept inside the home especially when they are in a first world country. They have the same right to prove themselves doing something extra ordinary. I also want to do something so that people will remember me. I will be with my family and my culture like she did but I will try my best to make my life prosperous and be an independent and successful woman in the world.
    What three things do you want to ask your peers about your work?
    • What was their main topic?
    • How it relates to their own life?
    • How they interact the images with the words?
    What three things are your favorite from your fan fic?
    • The topic that I chose
    • Relates to my own life
    • Her activities and braveness.

    What three things are you unsure of?
    • My writing quality
    • My introduction
    • The part from the story I picked.
    In this project, I learnt how to make a project by reading a comic book. This was my first time reading a comic book. I learnt a lot about comic series and I enjoyed as well. But I need to practice more to improve more. I can use this in my future assignments or paper as an objective. I chose the assignment format because this topic is very close to my personal life. I share a lot of things from my life in this assignment. This is my real life history and I am the main character of my real life story. So, its very obvious that by writing my own life story, it helped me to analyze the comic. The comic and my story were very similar. I could have pushed further my analysis if I could read and understand the comic again and if I can read the next parts of the comic to know more about the characters and the plot. I chose different points that describe differently about the comic. From the comic I chose her family and religious and cultural issues which matches with my family issues. This helped me to advance my analysis. Peer review process helped me a lot pushing my analysis forward. Because by doing the peer review I can get more information about how can I make my final assignment papers. It helped me to choose the topics I can discuss about. This assignment was my first narrative essay. In this essay, I used some fresh rhetorical insights and some characters. These make the assignment interesting for the reader. By this, I think I can improve my writing skill and show better performance in my future English including other courses assignments.