Guttman Community College

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Guttman Community College has been a partner with the CUNY Humanities Alliance since 2020. Graduate fellows working at Guttman Community College through the CUNY Humanities Alliance will be part of the following projects:  

Arts in New York City  

Arts in New York City is a required first-year course that exposes students to the creative movements, artistic genres, and cultural institutions of the city. Working with faculty and administrative support, these graduate fellows will contribute to the ongoing development of the course and its positioning in the larger Humanities curriculum at Guttman. Taking into consideration Guttman’s particular institutional goals and student community, this fellow will be involved in deep conceptual work and practical implementation that spans disciplines and approaches, and that will reach all Guttman students.

Guttman CC Partners

Niesha Ziehmke, Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Planning

Howard Wach, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost