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Hostos Community College has been a partner with the CUNY Humanities Alliance since 2020. 

Learning Communities

At Hostos, faculty pair across disciplines to adapt their curricula and teach as a learning community. Fellows may collaborate to develop resources and structures to support the intentional and sustainable development of these learning communities. Fellows may work directly with teaching faculty to design linked assignments and assessments, and with students in linked classes. Fellows may also collaborate with faculty to tell the story of these learning communities to a wider audience at Hostos and across CUNY through presentations and publications.

Humanities Experiential Learning

Hostos has a robust Service Learning and Civic Engagement Committee that supports experiential learning opportunities (ELO) and a related initiative to code ELOs across disciplines. In this project, fellows may work alongside faculty and staff to develop resources for intentional and sustainable development of ELOs, conduct qualitative scans of existing ELOs, develop rubrics to evaluate ELOs, and help identify best practices. Fellows may work with faculty interested in revising and developing ELO-designated courses and coordinate with the Committee and other parties to facilitate syllabus revisions and implement pilot projects.

Hostos CC Partners

Kristopher Burrell, Associated Professor of History

Babette Audant, Dean of Academic Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Assessment