LaGuardia Mellon Humanities Scholars

The LaGuardia Mellon Humanities Scholars program was active from 2016 to 2020, during the first phase of the CUNY Humanities Alliance, and included more than 75 LaGuardia Community College Students.

The LaGuardia Mellon Humanities Scholars program enriched LaGuardia students’ understanding of the Humanities, and helped them build academic and career pathways in the Humanities. Through biweekly meetings and additional humanities enrichment activities, the Humanities Scholars were exposed to modes of critical and creative thinking, various historical and cultural perspectives, and aesthetic appreciation. They also further developed their skills in research, oral and written communication, collaboration, project management, and digital literacy.

The Humanities Scholars designed and created a year-long project that were meaningful for the individual student and the college-wide community. With the student at the center, this group determined what they needed to succeed to towards graduation and their future careers.  They worked in the program, their major courses, and humanities activities, and were advised by peers (vice-versa), graduate fellows, and faculty mentors to engage in a project that advanced them towards baccalaureate and graduate degrees as well as their future careers. In addition, they worked within student affairs to share their exploration with the LaGuardia community.