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    Dear people,

    I am writing this to you in an effort to address a serious issue that has been coming up a lot recently. The issue of Islamophobia has been a major topic in our present time. With a lot of violence […]

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    Fouzi Nagi

                War and Children


    Throughout history war has always been one of the most devastating issue many people and children across the w […]

  • I think Naomi Iizuka did a research on immigration and its impact on people, mother love, teenagers, drama, landscapes, and food. Some preparations that actors will have to do to perform this play are to be […]

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    I decided to change my format for assignment #1 from writing a personal essay to drawing.I want to draw a picture of a strong quote that has a strong message behind it by Jonathan Mendoza,“Biracial boy is t […]

  • -How can the format you’ve chosen for your assignment best be used to demonstrate a deep analysis of the poem?

    The format that I chose for the assignment which is personal essay can be a great format to a […]