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LaGuardia Community College has been a partner with the Graduate Center on the CUNY Humanities Alliance since 2016. For more information about our work together in the first phase, please read here

Graduate fellows working at LaGuardia Community College through the CUNY Humanities Alliance will be part of the following projects: 

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) 

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) is a connective pedagogical practice in which faculty in different countries collaborate on designing assignments to engage their students in collaborative tasks via digital tools, such as video chat and web blogs. COIL enables educators to facilitate communication across difference, challenge monolithic and essentialist views of culture, and foreground students’ decision-making roles in COIL projects. By working with COIL faculty and students, LaGuardia’s COIL Fellow will gain experience with creating an intercultural toolkit for learners and educators, and with academic program management. The LaGuardia COIL Fellow will develop an understanding of the design of meaningful cultural exchange activities within a range of disciplines while also learning how COIL’s work aligns with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and other initiatives at LaGuardia and CUNY.

LaGuardia’s COIL program looks forward to collaborating with the Humanities Fellow to determine which potential activities will be most beneficial for both the Fellow and COIL. In addition to the intercultural toolkit above, activities could include: developing a network of current and prior COIL students enabling their connections to continue beyond their COIL course(s); supporting faculty developing learning activities that implement pedagogical approaches such as multimodal composition, collaborative teaching and learning, Culturally Relevant/Responsive Pedagogy, and the Digital Humanities, linking these activities to LaGuardia’s signature General Education (Gen Ed) competency in Global Learning; and/or developing a network of current and prior COIL students enabling their connections to continue beyond their COIL course(s).

LaGuardia ePortfolio 

The two LaGuardia ePortfolio HA Fellows will help design faculty and student ePortfolio showcases and workshops, co-curricular activities, and help facilitate the use of ePortfolio in career and transfer fairs for students majoring in programs in Humanities and Liberal Arts: Social Science & Humanities.  Fellows may also help conduct student and faculty focus groups to help inform a 360-degree view of LaGuardia’s wide-ranging ePortfolio practice. 

In addition to learning more about community college students with whom they will interact, HA Fellows will be introduced to a variety of educational High Impact Practices (cf. George Kuh) by developing a network of faculty and staff partners across the college, including instructional design and digital learning specialists in the Center for Teaching & Learning, staff in advisement services, peer mentoring program leaders, and faculty involved in ePortfolio practice from across LaGuardia’s nine academic departments. 

Fellows will work closely with two faculty leaders in Humanities and Liberal Arts programs who have played key roles in developing the integrative, social pedagogies that help students reflect on their experiences and connect them to their academic and career goals.  Anticipating reciprocal learning from this experience, our faculty look forward to the insights and experiences current doctoral candidates will bring to our digital learning practices within the humanities, humanistic social sciences, and STEM programs. ​Building on work from earlier Mellon Foundation grants, the candidates may, if desired, work with faculty to craft a digital assignment based on their Fellowship experience that could be used as they move forward in their own teaching careers.

The Humanities Department at LaGuardia offers eight degree programs and several tracks within them; the Liberal Arts: Social Science & Humanities major includes a range of degree options, such as Film & Television, History, and several interdisciplinary programs. HA Fellows will help shape processes and structures that support the development of students’ core learning ePortfolio and their transition to a Showcase Portfolio. 

LaGuardia CC Partners

Priscilla Stadler, Associate Director for Instructional Design, LaGuardia Center for Teaching and Learning

Eric Hofmann, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs; Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning