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LaGuardia Community College has been a partner with the Graduate Center on the CUNY Humanities Alliance since 2016. For more information about our work together in the first phase, please read here.

Global & Experiential Learning

LaGuardia students have a range of opportunities to explore the College’s signature learning competency, Global Learning, through classroom and co-curricular activities. For example, to meet this Gen Ed learning outcome, faculty design assignments in every major around transnational economic, political, environmental, physical, social and/or cultural issues and their implications, enabling students to: 1) Advance their knowledge and understanding of global issues, events and histories; 2) Strengthen their knowledge and understanding of divergent global perspectives and pluralistic views, and develop their abilities to thoughtfully communicate across difference; and, 3) Apply learning and consider opportunities for ethical engagement, identifying ways their actions affect both local and global Communities. The Center for Teaching & Learning supports assignment design in this and other learning competencies and communication abilities to help students build important college and career skills. 

LaGuardia also supports Global & Experiential Learning through several innovations, including required Urban Studies courses in all majors that include fieldwork related to course content. Faculty are also incorporating Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) partnerships in dozens of courses each semester that link students with peers across the globe. A recent project promotes civic engagement, professional development, and community-based learning for hundreds of students each year through the LaGuardia Humanitarian Initiative. Working with faculty, staff, and administrators, HA Fellows will have an opportunity to develop and scale activities in these projects and others, as well as contribute to the development of a formal administrative structure to support this work.

LaGuardia CC Partners

Ljubica Depovic, Director of Center for Teaching and Learning

Pablo Avila, Associate Director of ePortfolio and Digital Learning