• Captain America was scolding/reprimanding Kamala so she was portrayed going from normal to small because she wanted going into her own shell for several reasons. She felt that by going into a cocoon,; she could […]

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    I am just a teen

    Why are you being so mean

    Wanna to take a stand

    for you to only reprimand

    So many people still judged by their race

    For there never ought to be such a place

    They feel superior […]

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    In order for me to analyze the play Anon(mous), I felt that I needed to orient myself more to better understand it and get a few questions answered, by doing so, I should read The Odyssey. In the playwrite […]

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    I know the feeling you are describing about being hispanic and enrolled in a school with the majority of Russians. When I was 11 years old, my family moved from New York to a small town in Pennsylvania that that […]

  • Dearest mother I hope that when you receive this letter you are in the best of health             
    Mom  this is usually how I start my letters to you but this time is not the case.
    Dear mom now I know you are […]