Prep for the Museum of the City of New York

We’re taking a class trip to the museum, and I hope you’re excited!

The Museum of the City of New York is an amazing resource that collects, curates, and exhibits everyday materials and objects to tell the stories of New York and its people.

Where is the museum? 1220 Fifth Ave at 103rd St.

How do I get there? We’ll take the train together from LaGuardia. We will meet in our usual classroom,  and we will leave promptly at 11:45 a.m. to arrive at the museum by 12:30 p.m. We will stay at the museum until 2:30 p.m., but you are welcome to stay longer.

If you arrive late, or if you live closer to the museum than you do to LaGuardia, you can also meet us there for 12:30 p.m. Take the 6 to 103 St and walk 3 blocks west, or the 2/3 to Central Park North/110th St, and walk one block east to Fifth Ave, and a few blocks south to 104th.

What do I need to bring? I have Metrocards for you, and admission to the museum is covered by our group tour. (Thanks to the CUNY Humanities Alliance!) Bring your LaGuardia ID–a CUNY ID will allow you to get in for free if you are late! Bring something to take notes (a pen and notebook, your phone, etc)–you are likely to find useful information for your research project.

Bonus: We can show our Museum admission sticker for FREE admission to El Museo del Barrio, which is right across the street! (I highly recommend checking it out, especially if you are interested in Latinx art & culture.)

  • Visit the Museum of the City of New York website and the Stories section of the website. Review the headlines and find three stories that you want to learn more about. Of these, try to find at least one that connects to your research topic in some way.
    • Read the three stories, along with any photos or videos in the post.
    • For each one, write a one or two sentences in response to the following questions: What did you find interesting about this story? What would like to learn more about?

My Research Topics

One topic that i am thinking about using for my paper would be on the influence of immigrants on certain neighborhoods. I want to know in what ways have different communities been shaped by the immigrants that have arrived there? For instance, the food, art, and overall culture of the community. I am not entirely sure on which specific community i want to focus on, but i am leaning towards Sunnyside and Woodside queens. I can find data through the U.S. Bureau of Census, as well as scholarly resources. I can conduct interviews within the neighborhood on people that have resided in these communities for a long time and have witnessed first hand the effects of newcomers.

My second topic of choice would be the health benefits of smoking medical marijuana for Veterans. I am interested in this topic because I am a Coast Guard Veteran. I believe that cannabis could be beneficial for veterans to help relieve certain ailments from PTSD for instance. A question I have is what affect does marijuana have on the human body? How does marijuana affect the brain? What potential benefits come from smoking Marijuana? Data can be extracted from within specific studies conducted by scientists throughout the years, as well as first hand accounts.

Research Job-Ryann B

Ryann Block


Research Topics

I’m still thinking about which research topic I’d like to do. I’m stuck in between doing a paper about BDSM and Why and what makes people angry. There are so many topics that are interesting but for some reason, these topics intrigue me. BDSM aka “The dominatrix world” in itself is intriguing. Getting paid to be in this lifestyle. I know some may think it’s not a lifestyle but it is. You can work your regular job such as administrative assistant, director of a multi-million company or be a student in college and by 8 pm you change as a person. dressing in latex, the heels that you wear are 6-inch platforms, the way that you speak to these people.  You turn into a completely different from a person. I wanted to do more research on this to see if there are studies to show how a professional Dom or submissive mind works. Personally, I was into that life a long Time ago and yes being a professional mistress may be enticing because we are getting paid to humiliate these humans, to treat them as if they were worthless. I can only speak for myself. Personally, you’ll have mixed emotions on it. I say so because you are trained to do certain things and then you act upon. Either way, the history of BDSM is very interesting. How it all began? What are these pros feeling, how is this affecting their psychological well-being? How & what does society think about BDSM?


My second topic, “Why are people so angry or What makes a person angry”. To do research on this may seem interesting. We meet so many people who hold onto the past. Some people may be experiencing pain from either their past relationships or abuse whether it’s verbal or physical. I know angry people who can’t accept the fact they’re angry and will deny it at times. My questions to research would be: What makes a person angry? What is anger? How did anger begin? Is it just a psychological thing so maybe we create anger on ourselves? I was once one of those people. To do research on these two topics may be very informative. So, I’m excited to see what I find in these two topics, hopefully, I can make a decision fast.!



I found my potential articles here



For anger:

My Research Topics

For my research paper i came across a few interesting topics. Being a Criminal Justice Major i normally like to stick to topics that fit in with what i would like to peruse and concentrate on in the future. The one topic that has stuck with me is immigration and how immigrants migrated to the U.S. I am thinking about interviewing an immigrant and also a friend of the family which works for a immigration law firm. I feel like this would be a great topic and very informative to people with any interest.

Educational Narrative

Neliza Castillo

English 103


As far as I could remember my earliest experience of learning, was when i was in kindergarten and i was learning how to read. My teacher used the arts of music, with songs to help us remember words. Also practicing turning and talking to our partners in order to express ideas about what we thought the correct answer was. We were all on the rug and we would go about our daily routine. During my elementary school years i attended two different schools. I first started at P.S 178, which was only up to second grade, so after that i had gone to P.S 152 to finish until 5th grade. Starting my elementary years in P.S 178 was a great experience it was a fun school with nice teachers who had many festivities to celebrate the years of learning and make sure we had fun while getting our abilities to higher standards. Things such as Tiger day to celebrate 100 days of school. I remember making the number 100 using a hundred items, and also dressing up as an elderly to represent the value of the number. Also we had Bear Day at my other elementary school. Bear day was a day to celebrate reading, standing for “Be Excited About Reading”. Each class would read lots of books and design their very own Bear, and at the end there would be a competition for the best bear. Another thing that i enjoyed alot was my math bee, in the 4rth grade, a very nerve wrecking but amazing experience for me. Doubting myself and all i went along with the bee and ended up in third place, i’m as happy as i was back then for this position because i had made it to the three finalist along with my classmate who was number 1! Such a fun and motivating way of learning. Maybe if my middle school or high school math  lessons where this exciting i wouldn’t struggle with college level math so much. As a student i have confronted the challenge of pushing myself, motivating myself. Somedays i was motivated other days i really had no idea how i would motivate myself passed the doubts. Luckily i always took advantage to listen to those who wanted to see me and my classmates succeed and that was great help.  

My Research Topics

My Research Topics


The top two topics that interests me most for potential research are, the history of women’s roles in jobs, positionings and their limits in America, also early settlements in Caribbean islands, such as Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, to gain more information on who resided in those islands before europeans conquered. What attracts me about the history of women’s roles in America, is the idea of women not being paid equally as men, but also learning more about how women work together, what are some issues that they have and what are some things they are really strong at. As to the early settlements in the caribbean islands, is a way to find out more information about the background of these islands and what they are composed of, what can the people from their relate to, is a way to bring people together and i would like to have valid data on the topic. I’m already familiar with the many protests and movements that women fought in order to gain rights such as voting, situation that came a long way and should be celebrated. One thing i know about natives in the caribbean is that both europeans and africans had stepped foot there, after conquering and enslaving communities. However what i would like to find out who was settled there before the conquering, and what happened to them and what was their culture and tradition like, kind of like the Inca Empire in Machu Picchu before the europeans. For female roles, i would like to find out what are women’s strengths and weaknesses in working together, also what are the situations that prevent women from being equal as men, all through there organismic differences. All in all i think my topics are specific enough, even though they are really broad ideas and arguments behind them, because i talk about specific people and places and specific ideas in which im looking for information on. In order to find my data, i would want to use text books and articles based on time periods with examples of perhaps laws that existed or still exist that refer towards men or women only. Also look at interviews and documentaries of people giving their experiences and opinions of women in the workplace in general and perhaps compare that to men. Also for my second topic, i would look for any primary pieces of evidence that could work towards finding out about the cultures in early settlements of these islands, and documentaires of the history about the before and after of the conquerors era. I would start looking at the library and also documentaries and maybe interviews.

My Research Topic

During our class on Monday, we were going over the ideas of different research topics. I myself didn’t speak up about it, but the topic I would’ve talked about would be knowing the chemicals that are being used in the foods we eat. I myself do watch what I eat especially in a time now where genetically modified ingredients are highly present in a lot of our favorite foods. Since the population is ever more so increasing, scientists have been cloning and creating ingredients due to it, however it’s not the real deal. The regular chemicals that are found in our foods also isn’t good as well. Other continents such as Asia and Europe usually don’t sell American food products because of the ingredients listed in their produce. Even the cereals are completely different across seas than what we’re more accustomed to buying and eating here.
A question that is on my mind is what other ingredients are companies putting into their foods? People are getting sicker by the year, as well as cancer rates rising due to what we’re eating as well too. This is more seen here within the United States rather than any other part of the world, so what are we doing wrong with our foods? Why are people still eating it knowing the risk they’re taking? Even the FDA takes years for them to regulate certain ingredients into effect, but what ingredients are these that are sickening the United States population?

My research topic ( kymberly Gurdon)

My research Topic

In Monday’s class we had a chance to discuss with our partner about a topic that interest us for our research paper. The topic I chose was the hardships for immigrants (Jamaicans) to adopt to the United States culture. Also, the hardships of immigrants to fit in a find a job. My partner and I discussed how it would be difficult to get certain jobs without having your papers, even though u learn an probably have all the knowledge for a certain career you still have to go through the process we have here in America , for example , having your high school diploma , a certain amount of college credits and experience.

I have several questions about my topic. A question that I’ve always been curious about is, how many immigrants actually get a good paying job when coming from a different county? How many are finically stable and living the American dream? What is the process they have to go through in order to get a career? Why don’t they have the same opportunity as us Americans do if they are in America? How much of the US population is actually made up of immigrants?  In order to find these answers I’ll have to do deep research and look at immigrants statistics to help me find out more information.

A method I’ll take to find out information is looking for data on that website will help me gather data on immigrants labor statistics. During my partner and I discussion in class she said she wanted to learn more about the hardships of finding a job for an immigrant so that’s definitely a piece of my paper that I’ll go more in depth with.

The great thing about this topic is that I could get a lot of research from family members even some of my close friends, also, news articles and more.

Research Topics

The topic I would like to speak about focuses on the Italian Mafia here in the United States. Now, when speaking about the Italian mafia there are a lot of different areas that can be covered. Many families were formed in different parts of The United States and that period or “Mafia Era” went on for many years. One person that I would like to write about would be the infamous Al Capone along with his Chicago gang, but I wouldnt focus on him. I’d like to understand the different ways in which the mafia’s actions and crimes affected society, and also how the authorities viewed and treated Italian immigrants because of the war against the organized crime groups.

I am really interested in this particular topic because I grew fan of the 1920’s-1960’s and the Mafia when I was in middle school. In my social studies class, we learned and had discussions about the Sicilian mafia, the origin and how strong they were here in the United States of America. Aside from the fact that these were very dangerous years, I really liked the way things were. Small things like the way people lived and dressed, the way vehicles and buildings looked just really caught my attention.

The positive thing about this theme would be that there are alot of resources I can use. There is alot of information to pick up. I can easily get books, or look up a New York Times article from the 1930’s. Since this was such a significant period in history, all of this information is out there. If I had to pick another topic, I may go with something going on in our world today, and it would most likely have to do with Donald Trump and his new tantrums. I’m not really sure if I’d like to go deep into present day politics, but this is just an idea.