Apply for the 2017-2018 LaGuardia Mellon Humanities Scholars!


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LaGuardia Community College, CUNY
The LaGuardia Mellon Humanities Scholars, supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, offers LaGuardia students opportunities to connect with art, theater, music, literature, history and culture; a better understanding of careers within the Humanities; and skills to build pathways for academic and career success.
LaGuardia Mellon Humanities Scholars also receive:

  • $1,000 stipend, divided into three payments
  • Free tickets to a cultural enrichment activities
  • Metro tickets to attend special events

LaGuardia Mellon Humanities Scholars are expected to:

  • Attend biweekly workshops on Tuesday evenings during Fall I, Fall II and Spring I semesters
  • Attend at least two cultural enrichment activities and write a short response
  • Create an individual project relevant to your school or career

Apply at by May 15, 2017.


  1. Hello,
    Unfortunately I could not participate in 2017-2018 program, so I was wandering if the program will be run again for 2018-2019 term.
    I am interested to take part in such an academically beneficial and experience-full program.
    Thanks for the response in advance

    1. Hi Sukhrob, thanks for writing to ask. It looks like my reply did not go through before. I wanted to let you (and others) know that the applications will come out next month–most likely, in late April. Keep an eye out for more info on this website!

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