Humanities Alliance Conference Recap

The Humanities Alliance Conference was such an amazing event that I was able to be apart of. I was able to sit with professors from different parts of the states and have meaningful conversations on their strategies in pedagogy. I was able to attend the Faculty to Faculty: Building Pathways and Partnerships between the Community College System and the University in New Hampshire, session. It was an opportunity to be able to hear how these passionate Faculty created the pathway system in their state. It was a major move for them to make it possible for their students to transfer over their credits with less hassle. There was an exchange of ideas from faculty members who came from California state, in how they can also create a similar process for their students. It was really impressive on how far the pathway system has come along and helped many students in their academic careers. I was able to attend the presentation of Saeed Jones. It was a powerful and energetic readings of poems that described his life after the death of his mother. How motivated he became to continue to write and has won many awards. The feelings he felt of being in the midst of powerful people celebrating his achievements. It was an extraordinary moment and I was excited to be able to be present for it. I met lots of new people and what stuck out to me the most was how we were all able to share our views and see in others the ways we can ourselves improve. I truly enjoyed the reflection sessions, it really gave one an opportunity for voices to be heard. I think it was an important session for all of us because we were able to share the parts of the conferences that really stuck out to us. I hope everyone was able to enjoy it as well.

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