Call for Participation: Humanities Alliance Collaborative Book (proposals due March 15)

The Humanities Alliance team at the Graduate Center, CUNY are so excited to share our plan for a collaborative book project. We hope you will be a part of it!

As one of the final projects of the Humanities Alliance grant funded by Andrew Mellon Foundation, we’re planning to share insights from the CUNY Humanities Alliance program in a self-published book in order to expand its impact on preparing doctoral students to teach at community colleges and advancing critical pedagogy and classroom practices. The book will include contributions from doctoral and undergraduate students, faculty, administrators, and staff both at LaGuardia Community College and the Graduate Center. This book will be both reflective and pragmatic in nature.

This project represents a significant opportunity for you to reflect on your experiences in the program and to further critical pedagogies, teaching and relevant professional development through writing (or co-writing) a chapter and exchanging comments on others’ chapters. The book will be self-published and will be made available as a free electronic version for wide distribution; a printed version may also be available if funding permits. This would be a wonderful way to share your involvement in the program with students, faculty, administrators, and staff all over the country.

As a writing community, we’ll have a meeting together every two months, beginning in March. If you wish to participate, you must attend these bi-monthly meetings (scheduling will be done with consideration for those who are committed to the project) and give comments on the others’ chapter outlines and drafts. Meeting and discussing together is so critical for us as a collaborative writing team!

Proposal Submission

If you are interested, please submit a tentative topic or title of your piece along with your name and the name of all co-authors to Sujung Kim ( by March 15. We will then invite you to a collaborative google document where potential authors can further develop their chapter titles and abstracts.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sujung Kim ( or Kaysi Holman ( The proposal of your tentative topic is due by March 15th. If you’re planning to co-author, please list all authors’ names.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you for this significant book project!

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