Celebrating Angela Dunne

Profile photo of Angela Dunne, standing on a sidewalk

To honor the achievements and contributions of our Humanities Alliance Fellows, this year we are featuring each fellow on our website, introducing them to our CUNY community and the public, and showcasing their accomplishments as fellows. 

Angela Dunne (she/them) was a 2021-2023 fellow based at the Hostos Community College while pursuing her Ph.D. in Urban Education at the CUNY Graduate Center.

As a Humanities Alliance Fellow, Angela has been integral in enhancing the use of Learning Communities (LCs) and Experiential Learning (EL) programs at Hostos Community College that promote interdisciplinary knowledge and meaningful collaborations between students, faculty, and the local community. Building on Hostos’ mission, Angela’s research on existing programs (at CUNY and elsewhere) has opened the door to wider discussions on the benefits and opportunities in LCs and EL. This dedicated study of LCs and EL has been foundational for identifying Hostos-specific opportunities as well as laying the groundwork for a sustained and enthusiastic future of cross-curriculum engagement between students, staff, and faculty both in and beyond the classroom.

Reflecting on the fellowship, Angela says, “One of the most rewarding experiences of the fellowship was traveling to D.C. with my co-fellows and presenting at the CIES conference. It was a well-received presentation to people from all over the world. It was really nice to go through the whole process from conference proposal to presentation.”

We celebrate their brilliance and creativity, their tenacity and compassion, and the many ways they have been there for their colleagues during a pandemic and its aftermath. They showed both a willingness to learn and understand the systems and cultures that define these academic spaces and a generosity to contribute their own experiences and interests. 

Thank you, Angela!